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Translation help

(Cross-posted to Library of Babel, but that community seems moribund.)

This is Italian, but clearly not standard Italian. It's the text of a madrigal by Orazio Vecchi (1550-1605). Here's the original--my attempt at improving on Luigi Cataldi's translation follows. The part that puzzles me most is the last line: "Nuo per nuo". Many thanks, and I hope you enjoy this piece.

Deh vita allabastrina
Rioseninetta damaschina
Perche tanto martir à chi si muore

Se ben sarò slonzao
Vi vorrò sempre ben
fin c'harò fiao

O viso in zuccara
Deh vien te priego al quia
Che me stilo il ceruello
E vago in bruo
Nuo per nuo


Ah, alabaster life,
Little damask rose,
Why do you torment so one who is dying?

Even if I get drunk
I will love you
As long as I'm conscious.

Oh, sugar-sweet face,
Ah, come, I beg you, here,
For I'm going mad
and breaking down
for us.
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This is just a guess, since I'm not familiar with this dialect, but could nuo be equivalent to nuovo? And then perhaps Nuo per nuo = "little by little"?
I found a reference here:
It seems that's it's actually "nudo", and that "dizionario di frasi particolari del dialetto veneziano" also lists "nuo per nuo" as "born naked", "ignudo nato" nel senso metaforico, ovviamente.