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An easy way to practice some of your language skills- Resource


Hello everyone!

Recently we launched an online platform powered by spaced repetition that supports students and anyone with a passion for learning to remember more and for longer. We offer many, free, language courses. Please feel free to use our platform to revise some of your homework material or learn some of the basics of different languages!
Please tell us what you think! Any feedback, suggestions and comments on how to improve are welcome! If you feel that the courses available are not suitable for you, you can also create your own course based on your needs, share it with your friends or with the public!Thank you!
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That's really great that such services appear to help people out. Self-studies really require a lot of work and discipline, so anything that helps is super cool.
I've had a look at your basic Russian course and left my comments there. Some things I found quite a bit strange or inconsistent, for instance you usually give singular form of a noun, but sometimes also give a plural which counts as a separate word. Or give two variants of the same preposition (с/со, в/во, к/ко) as separate words, but at the same time you have two different words замок (a castle) and замок (a lock) as one word. Also, some of the words did not seem exactly 'basic vocabulary' for me.
There is no way to take a step back and return to the previous word, which could be handy, I suppose.
Thanks a lot for all the effort. The courses are powered by spaced repetition, so when you declare that you "know" a word, this word is not repeated again, whereas when you say that you don't know it it reappears until you are familiar with it.
We will try to fix all the things you mentioned or replace this course with a better one. If you have any other thoughts or comments or ideas on what else we can include you can always use or r/Sharplet if you are a Reddit user or other social media as well. You can also tell me if you need any help with creating your own course on the site!
Thanks a lot again!