frozen fields (frozen_fields) wrote in linguaphiles,
frozen fields

English -> Russian

Dear Linguaphiles,

I will greatly appreciate help translating the following into Russian:
I, [...], a Notary Public commissioned by the State of Illinois, USA, hereby certify that this document consisting of 16 pages, is a complete, true and correct photocopy of the original passport of [...]. 
Many thanks in advance!
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Greetings! If you need a legal translation, it's probably better to find professionals, otherwise you risk to have troubles becuase of one wrong word.
I currently have some certified copies, and the text goes as follows:
Я, [...], нотариус, уполномоченный штатом Иллинойс, США, настоящим свидетельствую верность этой копии, состоящей из 16 листов, подлиннику паспорта [...]
Great, thank you so much!

Do you think it needs to say something like, "in the presence of..."? I mean legally, if we send a copy of the passport, shouldn't they know the person is still alive?
I don't think it is necessary, for we only confirm that the copy of this document is correct, nothing else.
There is a document that I needed to make, where the notary public certifies that I am identical to the person on the photograph and I am this person with such and such name and passport. But it is something rarely needed and I don't know if documents like this can be required and made for anything in the US.
FYI: I tried several times to make American notaries to notarize my signature under documents containing Russian texts, and they universally refused. Apparently they only notarize dovuments written entirely in English. I ended up using a Russian notary public at a Russian Consulate.