ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote in linguaphiles,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

Intensive Somali course - ANYWHERE

I may be asking for the moon on a stick, but is anyone aware of an intensive course in Somali (preferably Northern or Benadir) available anywhere in the world? Ideally I'd be looking for a course of up to about four weeks, perhaps something like four hours of lessons per day plus speaking practice - but would take anything I could get, as long as it's not a year-long one-day-a-week arrangement, which is all Google is turning up. I'm an absolute beginner.

Suggestions enormously welcome...
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I would try emailing hospitals, schools, and cultural centers in places with a large Somali population, like Seattle and Minneapolis.
Good thought, thank you!
Does it have to be a college course, or would tutors producing a tailor-made course do? I'd be surprised if SOAS in London couldn't help you - though as I live in the middle of a large Somali community in Streatham, maybe I'm underestimating the difficulty in learning?
This was what I was going to suggest, as a friend of mine who learned Japanese there (over several years, not intensively) has been happy with them as an organisation. The only Somali course actually listed on their website is a two evenings a week thing, but if you look at the pages for languages such as Japanese and Arabic, which are more popular for business purposes, SOAS has arrangements for organising individual/small group tailored tuition. I guess they wouldn't be anticipating demand for such a thing in Somali, but I doubt it would hurt for you/your employer to contact them and ask, since they wouldn't be having to invent a costing framework from scratch...
I've also heard good things about their language provision, so it's worth a try, though I suspect I won't be able to afford them!
I was wondering about SOAS - they definitely offer tailor-made courses in Somali, but I was assuming that tailor-made would probably be beyond my resources! Probably worth contacting them, though - thanks.
If time is lacking, then individual tuition over what time you have is your only option, and IME very productive - one tutor could probably condense an entire beginners course for you pretty easily so would be time you were paying for. There's also an agency called Languages Services Direct that the Foreign Office use, and I recall their quotes for intensive learning were pretty similar to any other course. Don't know if they cover Somali, though.

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Good thought! They weren't showing up when I was searching US universities teaching African languages but of course it would make sense that they would teach it. Unfortunately even summer courses are too long for my purposes - usually two months rather than one, which would be my absolute maximum - but I will keep looking. Thanks!