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German Help Needed

Please, help to read the information from old registration card of `1946. This is very important. The information after "Am Klingenberg 30 (Blankenese, Hamburg) is of no important, but all adreses BEFORE, are very important!

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I can't make the first part out, sorry - it's simply too indistinct for me. There could be an abbreviated "Bl." in the second line, but I'm mostly extrapolating that from the part that follows. The number at the end might be "8", most likely.

The bit in the middle is "Blank.", which I assume would be "Blankenese", "Strandweg (I looked that up, and it exists) 2" with what looks like a Roman numeral II on top. Perhaps the "II" is an apartment number, or it might have to do with refugees being quartered with people (both of those are only guesses, could be "second floor" for all I know, I'm not familiar with address conventions from that time period really).
Thank you, but the first part is more important, really, this is 5/6/45 Berlin -???? I guess, we need Berliner here
Where do you read Berlin?
Upper line
I really can't make a Berlin out from the first line. Not sure what I can make up though, needs more thought.
The second line, not sure about the first letter, next could be Bl after that could be something like Kisterberg or Küsterberg. Or could maybe end in -weg, but then the word looks strange, like Kistertweg or Küstertweg? Maybe you can throw some comibnations of that at Google or Google Maps and see if you come up with something that makes sense? Last number is an eight.
Thank you! Of course, I will Google it. I am quite sure this is Berlin -/////////dorf. I know this from the history of this girl (whose this card is) - she came to Hamburg from Berlin, escaping from Soviets and war
I'm not sure how the first word is supposed to be Berlin, that's why I asked. It has a downward squiggly bit in the middle, like a g or a Sütterlin h, and I'm not sure about the first letter being a B either. But I'm on my phone now, which is crap with pictures.
As the form is supposed to contain where people moved from, and where they moved to, the first line could be a Berlin address, and the second one in Blankenese. Going from a Blankenese street register, could it conceivably be "Kösterberg" ? I'm inclined to agree on the K-umlaut, as that is what I saw too, and it would fit the "Bl".

From my googling, there was a home for displaced persons there, although that started later, in 1946, so it wouldn't fit.

I can't discover any borough or other subdivision of Berlin that looks like it fits the shape of the letters in the first line though.


June 11 2014, 15:55:52 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  June 11 2014, 16:00:18 UTC

Looks like Seidelsdorf to me, but that is not a part of Berlin, and there is not any modern borough in Berlin that resembles the clear letters.
There is a place in bayern called seidelsdorf though.
Also no past borough either
I wonder if it is Berlin-Pichelsberg? (not sure though, but that place does exist at least - but I don't live in Berlin).
Could the last word be "Kasern?", but the right would be Casern ((
The German word is "Kaserne"; I can't really see that there.
Ok, thank you. At least we cleared Blankenese adresse
Oh I looked again - there is also apparently a Pichelsdorf in Berlin - maybe that's more likely than 'berg'.
Nice, I try to find list of streets of this Bezirk for 1945
This is Ausländerlager Alt-Pichelsdorf 21, Pichelsdorf, Spandau, Berlin. Got it. Problem is, we already have this adress. Archive of this Lager was destroyed (( Dead-end...