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[Japanese to English] translation request, please help

Hello, may I please have a translation of the following manga page (inside the spoiler tags below)? I would really appreciate it if someone could translate it for me

[Spoiler (click to open)]

And thank you for your time!
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I thought I'd try my hand at this as I haven't translated in almost a year. Please forgive any mistakes and gaps.

Ha, is that so Osterion?

The art of looking into your opponents heart...
So to speak, I think I have had knowledge of the Law of Satori.

If that is the case, even if you say not a thing, I shall know all.

Ahh, you understand now, do you, you traitor!

Besides, Muu had teleported 8 meteors from Fuji’s underground and said it was 4. (?)
It was us who first flew into the darkness!!
I say it was bronze!

Not only that, we had been subjected to Muu’s glamour.
He surely wanted to bury us within the sand.
It was as if we had been made to believe he was a Bronze Holy Warrior!

フッ そうだったわねアステリオン
Isn't that right Asterion?

You gained the ability to read your opponent's other words, the art of Satori. (You can read about Satori on wikipedia if you're interested)

So even without saying anything, I think you already understand.

ああ わかったぜ。この裏切り者め!貴様は空拳をもってしてようにみせかけ星矢をたすけたのだ!!
Yes, I understand. This traitor! You pretended you'd saved Seiya with your bare hands!

And the eight meteors Muu teleported from deep beneath Mt. Fuji; you lied and said there were four and made us chase after Black! You said it was Bronze!!
(I don't know Saint Seiya so I have no idea what the black and bronze here are supposed to be.)

And then after that, caught in Muu's glamour, we buried them in sand, completely believing they were Bronze Saints!


June 14 2014, 08:38:35 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  June 14 2014, 08:53:21 UTC

First of all, thanks a lot for the replies!

I do have some questions though

rirakuma, for the 4th speech bubble... your translation is "Yes, I understand. This traitor! You pretended you'd saved Seiya with your bare hands!"

Now, I want to ask: Is your "bare hands!" part based on the 空拳 ?

I ask you this because someone I know told me that, in this particular page of the manga, the official English edition has one of the characters mention that "Kū Ken" or empty fist was used. And this is also a technique used by one of the characters in the manga/story

I also took a look at a wiki page of this Saint Seiya character, and I noticed that they list Kū Ken (empty fist) as the technique that this character uses in the events being described in the manga page that I posted here

[Kū Ken technique]
Kū Ken technique

And with a bit more research... I found that 空拳 is the Kanji for Kū Ken or empty fist

Hmm, would I be correct in thinking that you translated 空拳 as "bare hands" basically because of a lack of more context/knowledge of this particular manga? And if so, we could/should translate the line as something more like "with your empty fist technique!" or "with your Kū Ken" ...right?

Also, looking over your transcribed kanji, it looks to me like you forgot one line. You have the following:

ああ わかったぜ。この裏切り者め!貴様は空拳をもってしてようにみせかけ星矢をたすけたのだ!!

But it should be (the part you seemingly forgot is the one in bold below):

ああ わか ったぜ この裏切り者め!貴様は空拳をもってして とどめをさした ようにみせかけ 星矢をたすけたのだ!!

With the above, would the translation then be something more like: "Yes, I understand. This traitor! You pretended to have put an end to Seiya, but you actually saved Seiya with your Kū Ken!" ?

From what I can tell with the pictures and my limited Japanese, it seems to me like the above would make more sense. Particularly because in other pages of the manga it is shown how one of the characters, Marin, seemingly kills Seiya with a fatal hit (they even bury Seiya), and then the manga later also shows Seiya getting out of the grave perfectly fine (no wound etc). In other words, it seems that the character Marin used an illusion technique to pretend and/or make it look like she killed Seiya, and in this way she saved/helped him (because there were some people after Seiya... trying to kill him)

Below are those other pages, if anyone wants to look at them (I'm not requesting a translation of all these pages, don't worry. Just basically showing the following pages for context. I think at this point I'm understanding what's happening in these scenes)-

Oh and, rirakuma, the other lines that you translated make a lot of sense to me with the context of the story. And, in case you were wondering, the "blacks" and "bronze" that you have in the translation refer to different groups of people/warriors. See, in this manga, there are warriors called Saints... and there are different types of Saints: Bronze Saints, Black Saints, Silver Saints, and Gold Saints