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Icelandic / Íslensk hip-hop and rap transcription and translation help!

Halló, I'm looking for help in writing and translating the lyrics to multiple Icelandic rap and hip-hop songs, and thought I'd also share them with you all. If there are any Icelandic speakers who could transcribe the lyrics, that would be amazing, as I (and others I know) can't find the lyrics and want to practice the language more. I am constantly impressed that such a tiny population can produce so much good music. You can post the lyrics here, send them to me, or put them on this excellent lyrics translation website (links for each request under the videos) :
Merci beaucoup, vielen Dank, شكرا, takk fyrir!

Fyrirmynd - Emmsjé Gauti (catchy hip-hop):


Hemmi Gunn - Emmsjé Gauti feat. Blazroca (Icelanders going crazy!):


Kinky - Emmsjé Gauti (chill music, pretty music video):


Bara Ég - Emmsjé Gauti (chill hip-hop, the version on his album, also called Bara Ég, is MUCH better):


Inn Og Út - Diddi Fel (sexy hip-hop):


Töfrateppi - Shades of Reykjavík (Mary Jane rap, I need just the translation for this):


Macaulay Culkin - Skuggar Reykjavíkur (creepy rap, pretty good for an amateur song and video):

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