Garonne (garonne) wrote in linguaphiles,

phonetically related milder versions of stronger swear words

Tags: euphemisms
Children often use the expletives they hear, such as fiddlesticks! and flip!
British English is possibly more inventive than some other languages - merchant banker for wanker is now common, along with calling someone a See You Next Tuesday, used by people who would never use the full word.
Oddly, swear word replacements only seem to work as exclamations or nouns - I can't think of a minced oath that could be slotted into a sentence like "the fucking fucker's fucking fucked!" !
Cockney substitutions (two word rhyming phrase, but then only use the first word of the phrase) often end up much more innocuous in meaning rather than just politer - calling someone a berk is a mild insult, but it comes from Berkshire Hunt...
And Khyber Pass (arse) could be used for a film title: Carry On up the Khyber...


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