Garonne (garonne) wrote in linguaphiles,

phonetically related milder versions of stronger swear words

Tags: euphemisms
And then there are the extended ones like 'for crying out loud' instead of 'for Christ's sake', or 'shut the front door' for 'shut the fuck up'. I had assumed the latter was made up until I saw it used in a US teen drama the other day, by a character who had just made a crucial discovery.

Another fun example of not-pairs is the all-purpose oath-fragment 'smeg', invented for a British comedy/sci-fi series called Red Dwarf. Its characters would tell people to 'smeg off', call each other 'smegheads' when annoyed and react to surprising developments with 'what the smegging smeg...?'. The show's writers have consistently denied deriving the word from the word 'smegma', a term for secretions which become trapped in the folds of mammalian genitalia.


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