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phonetically related milder versions of stronger swear words

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May 30 2014, 17:30:56 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  May 30 2014, 17:50:59 UTC

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In German, you can use "Scheibenkleister" for "Scheiße". It works because you can start with the same syllable, "Schei-" and then quickly take a more acceptable turn. The word "Scheibenkleister" is really only used for this purpose, including in the Duden dictionary, although people tend to explain it as "window glue" (literally, the word can mean "pane/disc paste/glue"). There are however other words for that sort of thing which are used by such products and the people who work with them.

I just remembered another: "Armleuchter" (candelabrum) for "Arschloch" (asshole).

From your post and muckefuck's comment, it seems that English has a lot more of these than German does. I suspect that when we decide to swear, we just do it. Additionally our range of swearwords is relatively small, and anything to do with "ficken" ("fuck") is a lot cruder than the English version, so people like myself who freely use "Scheiße" would not really use it at all.


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