esferio (esferio) wrote in linguaphiles,

A translation request.

Could you please translate this Korean song into English? Thanks in advance.
Tags: english, korean, translation request
Just having them without drypers the latest since age of 1 (the mechanisms of regulation supressed till 5-7 years in Europe and USA, where children may wear drypers till schoolltime are working in this case, so other related regulation mechanisms are involved much faster), then stimulating speech instead of showing dumb fast speed cartoons and teaching them to eat with spoon properly and to be polite and obedient in groups without Ritaline and food with excessive sugar and fat.
Moreover: this kids were especially selected for talent from thousands of just good little singers for recording.
If you have millions of well-educated children, it's not a problem.
You'll be surprised, but average kindergarten Soviet children of my generation could behave this way.
Certainly, we couldn't sing so well.
Alas, we were spoiled at our teen age.


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