Svetosila (svetosila) wrote in linguaphiles,

"director of film editing"?

Dear friends, I need to find a proper English term (can be British or American English, but something universal would be preferable) meaning the chief film editor (a person who directs... well... his subordinates who are film editors too).

I've read the relevant Wiki entry, yet I'm at a loss.
I need a term to convey the idea that nowadays a film editor's role has grown bigger, a term that would convey the difference between film editors and a person who directs them (just like a director of photography directs cinemathographers who work for him\her).

Actually, I'm trying to translate the Russian term режиссер монтажа (which is fairly new, by the way). The rough translation would be "director of film editing" (If I follow the "director of photography" model). 
Tags: english, translation
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May 18 2014, 09:56:54 UTC 10 months ago


May 19 2014, 03:50:23 UTC 10 months ago

Thanks! Seems very appropiate!


May 18 2014, 19:11:46 UTC 10 months ago

I'm not a film expert but know some post-production workers. I think Director or Head of Post-Production would be appropriate. Can you look at the credits of a recent film?


May 19 2014, 03:49:53 UTC 10 months ago

Thanks! It's a good idea.