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karinmollberg (Mollberg is a C.M. Bellman quote)

Food Terms of Endearment

In French I first came across "mon (petit) chou(cho)" and wondered, how a vegetable as endearing as cabbage came to be a term of endearment but there is a popular pastry with cream inside called "chou" and then it makes some sense, as "sweetiepie".

In the meaning of "teacher´s pet" and "blue-eyed boy" or "enfant gâté" it is more derogatory, even evoking an idea of inner rottenness while "my little cauliflower" sounds bittersweet enough as a combination of food and flower terms.

So far I know of "mon sucre d´orge" (my barley sugar, must not be misread as "d´ogre"), "mon trognon" (my fruit core) and "ma mie" which refers to the inner, softer part of bread (besides literally meaning my friend or love, from "amie"). Then ..."mon coco" (my egg) but there it already gets ambiguous for both egg and hen can only be food terms to carnivores or lacto-vegetarians.

If one starts looking at all the animal terms of endearment as main courses with the eyes of the carnivore predator this of course multiplies the possibilities but here I am mainly asking for food terms, firstly but feel free to add those animals that are often or can be eaten and no insult intended to anyone, on the contrary (cannibals need their protein too).

What terms of endearment that are or are related to food do you know of in your language(s) and what is their meaning?
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