jaderabbit (jaderabbit) wrote in linguaphiles,

Spanish possessive pronouns regarding gifts?

Suppose that we are close friends and you give me a thoughtful gift. To me, is it "mi regalo" (because it's mine), "tu regalo" (because you gave it to me), or just "el regalo"?

Or, now that I think of it, does it cease to be a gift once it's been given?

Any replies useful, particularly if you can tell me the dialect you're citing.

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May 7 2014, 16:00:55 UTC 6 months ago

Argentine here! I don't think I'd ever use "mi regalo" in that context. "Tu regalo" and "el regalo" could both work... is there a particular phrase you're trying to say? When in doubt, I'd go with "el regalo".


May 7 2014, 17:39:50 UTC 6 months ago

I am more likely to use "tu regalo" but I could use "mi regalo" if it's obvious who it's from or if it's followed by "de Pepe"... "el regalo" could also be followed by "que me dió Pirulo" or something of the like indicating from whom it is, or again, if it's obvious...


May 7 2014, 18:07:31 UTC 6 months ago


If you're talking to the person who has given you the gift, "tu regalo".


May 8 2014, 01:27:47 UTC 6 months ago

Puerto Rican. I'd say "el regalo" but if I had to pick a possessive, I'd most likely say "tu regalo."


May 8 2014, 22:12:26 UTC 6 months ago

"Me gusto más TU regalo" It´s the same as in English, afaik, I´m marking it as yours (meaning you are the present giver) when that´s what I´m talking about. Instead I would say "Es mi regalo, no el tuyo" or "Es mi regalo preferido." In those cases it being MINE is what matters, so that´s what I bring up. Hope that helps.


May 9 2014, 04:45:07 UTC 6 months ago

Thank you all for the pointers. This is very helpful.