Julie (jesuslovesbono) wrote in linguaphiles,

Danish/Dutch question

I just saw
given as gender-neutral third-person singular pronouns in Danish,
when I consulted google translate about this,
it did not recognise them in Danish.
It did, however, recognise them in Dutch.

So what's the truth?
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May 6 2014, 02:32:48 UTC 7 months ago

Those forms are Dutch, not Danish. Danish doesn't have z in native words, only in borrowings.

As for whether those are "gender neutral", dat is dan toch meer gevraagd dan ik weet.


May 6 2014, 02:45:22 UTC 7 months ago



May 6 2014, 03:43:15 UTC 7 months ago

Niets te danken!


May 6 2014, 03:38:58 UTC 7 months ago

i don't speak dutch, but if it'm right (based on the word and the gender neutral part) the danish equivalent would be sig/sin and it's like... a pronoun that is used when referring to an object that is already established as belonging to the person who is um, verbing it. so you'd use it in a sentence like "he put on his jacket" - if you use the male third person pronoun there instead of sin you would be implying that the jacket belongs to someone else.

i assume that's also how it works in dutch, but i don't speak it, so i can't guarantee it.

(norwegian native speaker)


May 7 2014, 02:06:52 UTC 7 months ago



May 6 2014, 04:51:43 UTC 7 months ago

They're Dutch. Not all of them are all that gender neutral, though.

Hoping I get the terminology right:

- "Zij"/"ze" (She) is third a person singular pronoun, but it's not gender neutral if used that way. It's the female third person singular pronoun.
- "Zij"/"ze" (They or Them) can also be the third person plural. <- This is probably where the confusion comes from, as in English, singular "they" is often used as a gender neutral third person pronoun.
-"Zijn" (His/its) is the possessive form of the *male* (and neuter) third person singular pronoun. Female would be "Haar" (Her/Hers)
- "Zichzelf" (Itself) is the neuter reflexive pronoun, but *this* is in fact also often used with male or female antecedents, as if it were gender neutral.


May 7 2014, 02:06:04 UTC 7 months ago



May 6 2014, 12:18:07 UTC 7 months ago

Certainly doesn't look like Danish to ,me. That is most definitely Dutch.