Julie (jesuslovesbono) wrote in linguaphiles,

Danish/Dutch question

I just saw
given as gender-neutral third-person singular pronouns in Danish,
when I consulted google translate about this,
it did not recognise them in Danish.
It did, however, recognise them in Dutch.

So what's the truth?
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Those forms are Dutch, not Danish. Danish doesn't have z in native words, only in borrowings.

As for whether those are "gender neutral", dat is dan toch meer gevraagd dan ik weet.
Niets te danken!

Deleted comment

They're Dutch. Not all of them are all that gender neutral, though.

Hoping I get the terminology right:

- "Zij"/"ze" (She) is third a person singular pronoun, but it's not gender neutral if used that way. It's the female third person singular pronoun.
- "Zij"/"ze" (They or Them) can also be the third person plural. <- This is probably where the confusion comes from, as in English, singular "they" is often used as a gender neutral third person pronoun.
-"Zijn" (His/its) is the possessive form of the *male* (and neuter) third person singular pronoun. Female would be "Haar" (Her/Hers)
- "Zichzelf" (Itself) is the neuter reflexive pronoun, but *this* is in fact also often used with male or female antecedents, as if it were gender neutral.
Certainly doesn't look like Danish to ,me. That is most definitely Dutch.