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"огурчик" and expressing agreement

Hi everyone,
I am currently preparing for the TRKI-3 test and have been going through a couple of mock exams recently. One of the tasks in the oral exam is to participate in a conversation with "friends" and to express the same opinion as them, only in different words. This is one of the cues:

- А вот прадедушка мне понравился! Такой здоровяк в свои 88!
- Точно! Как огурчик.
- ...

Three questions:
1) What exactly is the meaning of 'огурчик' here?
2) What other words are there to describe an old person that bears his/her age well?
3) What other ways of agreeing (in a very colloquial context) are there except for точно/совершенно верно? There are four of these cues altogether and I feel like an idiot repeating the same phrases over and over.

Спасибо заранее for your help!
Tags: russian
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May 5 2014, 11:21:07 UTC 1 year ago

1. It's literal meaning is "small cucumber", but this is a set expression which means "very cheerful, active and physically fit, though it's unexpected".


May 5 2014, 11:24:53 UTC 1 year ago

Thanks a lot, I was guessing something along those lines - although it still sounds really weird to me. :D


May 5 2014, 11:31:08 UTC 1 year ago

1) "[свеженький] как огурчик" is a stable expression for being fresh, healthy, in a good state.
2) моложавый is literally "an old person looking rather young".
3) «конечно», «точно», «это так», «ещё бы»; somewhat vulgar «точняк»; comically archaic/clerical «воистину».


May 5 2014, 11:34:36 UTC 1 year ago

Fantastic, thanks a million!


May 5 2014, 11:36:43 UTC 1 year ago

3a) + "именно" ("indeed").

I'd recommend googling "синонимы «точно/именно»", it shows some good results like this one.


May 5 2014, 11:38:05 UTC 1 year ago

1) There is an expression "be as fit as a fiddle" in English. It means 'быть как огурчик' in Russian.
2) Instead of "Такой здоровяк..." you can say "Так и пышет здоровьем...", "Здоров как бык...", "(У него) железное здоровье..."
3) "Именно так", "Верно", "Правда".


May 5 2014, 15:05:59 UTC 1 year ago

1. an old well-pickled cucumber is as crispy as when it was fresh :)


May 5 2014, 18:00:40 UTC 1 year ago

Some more phrases to show that you agree:
согласен / согласна
разумеется (somewhat forced for spoken language but still good)
несомненно (old-fashioned, may be used ironically)
еще как
и правда
что правда, то правда
ясное дело
и не говори
нечего и говорить
не то слово
да уж
так и есть


May 6 2014, 07:45:31 UTC 1 year ago

I would like to recommend learn_russian