Mx. Jack Beloit (sonnekinde) wrote in linguaphiles,
Mx. Jack Beloit

Translation of a t-shirt

Can someone tell me what this t-shirt says? (I think it's Chinese or Japanese.) Possible translations I've come across online are "danger" and "terrible" but also "big changes" or "drastic change".

ETA: I mean the writing on the t-shirt the guy on the right is wearing.
Tags: whatdoesthissay
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April 13 2014, 22:08:56 UTC 1 year ago

I clicked your link but it led me to a TV show screencap. :)


April 13 2014, 22:22:54 UTC 1 year ago

The guy on the right hand side of the picture is wearing a T-shirt with writing on it, which appears to be in Japanese or Chinese.


April 13 2014, 23:53:56 UTC 1 year ago

Thanks, I see it now. Perhaps my screen is too dark, it wasn't immediately obvious.


April 13 2014, 22:55:37 UTC 1 year ago

Sorry, should have specified. Person on the right is wearing a blue t-shirt with Chinese or Japanese writing on it and "serious" underneath.


April 13 2014, 23:56:48 UTC 1 year ago

No worries! Sorry I didn't notice it there.


April 13 2014, 23:03:47 UTC 1 year ago

Looks like the simplified 大變 da4bian4 which means big changes.


April 13 2014, 23:38:41 UTC 1 year ago

That would be very appropriate considering the character and the events of the episode.


April 13 2014, 23:05:34 UTC 1 year ago

In Japanese it says 大変 (たいへん) 'taihen' and is largely dependant on context. It translates literally as 'great change', but conversationally, it's used in many ways. It can be used to describe a very big deal, an impressive occasion, a disaster (something like an earthquake, where a great change has occurred, in a bad way) a job that requires a great effort... etc. “大変!” or “大変だ!” can also be used as an exclamation, similar to 'oh my God', or 'holy crap', when something huge has occurred, and you can't think of a better reaction at the time.

I suspect, knowing the character, they've used this to mean 'very big deal' in the sense of an important person, but haven't quite got the nuance right, or have taken the kanji too literally. Hope that helps.


April 13 2014, 23:20:40 UTC 1 year ago

That is very interesting, thank you for the explanation!


April 13 2014, 23:33:16 UTC 1 year ago

It's a complex word, really. Here's an article that might be interesting, if you want more detail:

Also, I only just noticed the 'serious' underneath, in English. So it also could even be as simple as 'very serious', as 'taihen' can take on the meaning of 'very' in certain sentences.


April 14 2014, 14:44:09 UTC 1 year ago

That definitely explains why I kept finding different translations of the shirt online; everyone seemed to be saying something different but now I understand the word is just very complex. The region 2 DVDs I own don't have the commentary track, but from what I've read of it the creators went with the meaning of "terrible" as a subtle nod to the character's hidden, ah... "qualities".


April 14 2014, 01:49:01 UTC 1 year ago

I mostly use it to mean "it's difficult" lol