Julie (jesuslovesbono) wrote in linguaphiles,

sign language

Does anyone know the/an ASL sign for "goddess"?
or for that matter, a sign for "goddess" in any other sign language?

Tags: asl
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March 27 2014, 03:34:07 UTC 8 months ago

I would sign it as WOMAN-GOD in ASL. It doesn't seem like there's a set sign for it though.


March 27 2014, 21:01:45 UTC 8 months ago

That was my thought, too. ASL doesn't overtly mark gender on most nouns, so specifying a female deity would take two signs. (Not a fluent signer, so I was wibbling between GIRL-GOD and WOMAN-GOD, with the latter probably more appropriate.)


March 28 2014, 01:03:12 UTC 8 months ago

All right, thanks!


March 27 2014, 04:55:39 UTC 8 months ago

My instinct would be to sign God from the chin rather than the forehead. (N.B.: I am not Deaf, but I have studied ASL for a couple of years.)


March 27 2014, 14:11:51 UTC 8 months ago

The problem with signing it at the chin is that it looks way too close to "bitch"


March 27 2014, 23:08:29 UTC 8 months ago

Ha, I guess it kind of does! Though "God" has a bit of an inward twist, and I believe it doesn't directly touch the forehead, while "bitch" does touch the chin (at least the way I learned it), so it seems to me that if you're careful to keep your hand out of contact with your chin (and obviously define/explain what you're doing and why), you might be OK. But of course whether the OP wants to make up a sign or actually fingerspell/sign an explanation depends on her needs -- if she is talking to a Wiccan group with a Deaf member, for instance, there may be more tolerance for creative signing than if she is the interpreter at an archaeological conference.


March 27 2014, 06:17:17 UTC 8 months ago

There isn't one as far as I know and personally I would simply finger-spell it to avoid any confusion.