h_giessen (h_giessen) wrote in linguaphiles,

Nan Tong (Nántōng, 南通市) - prononciation

My question is whether anybody please could give me a hint on how you correctly pronounce the name of the Chinese city of Nan Tong (Nántōng, 南通市) - at Wikipedia (which was my first choice...) there is no audiofile or I did not find one, so do you know one or could send me one? This would be great! Thank you
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Use Google Translate audio:

Google Translate audio button

I hope this will help.
thanks, it did work out perfectly, of course. I have used it for the first time, I didn't this existed
If you're interested in the local pronunciation, which is a dialect of Wu Chinese, according to my boyfriend who grew up there, the first syllable of the city is pronounced [nje]. The second syllable is identical with Mandarin. Not sure about the tones, though.
thank you, this is interesting! Actually, I knew Wu is spoken in the Shanghai area, but didn't realise that Nantong is so close so that this dialect is spoken overthese, too
Yep! According to my boyfriend, there is even dialectal diversity within the city of Nantong itself. He says that the Northern part speaks a totally different dialect that he has trouble understanding. He is from the Qidong part of Nantong, and according to him, it's closest to the dialect spoken across the river in Chongming.