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Help with French translation . . . at least, I think it's French?

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Without going into a long explanation as to why I have this note, I got a package today from . . . well, still trying to figure that out.  I know it's from one of my friends (that's the part I'm trying to figure out, which one - again, long story).  All kinds of tidbits and fun goodies in the package, plus a handwritten note that I can't read.  It looks French to me, not that I speak/comprehend the language at all.  Also, the package came from Edmunton, Alberta in Canada - I don't know how much of the population there speaks French versus English, but it's another reason I suspect it's French.

Will someone please translate this for me?  I got as far as I could on Google Translate (yeah, I know, I know...), but part of the problem is, because it's handwritten, not knowing exactly what the letters are to even know if I'm spelling things right (is that an "r" or an "s"?, etc).  I got as far as "My house is full of (something). (Something) are not (something), it is sufficient to (something something)."

Thank you so much!

 photo 2014-03-05191924-NOTE_zps5184ce8b.jpg

(It's only one image and not terribly large, plus I can never seem to get cuts to work on LJ no matter what, hence the lack of.)

EDIT:  THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who commented!
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March 6 2014, 06:55:14 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  March 6 2014, 06:56:34 UTC

Yes, that's definitely French. I'm seeing fantômes or fantasmes, and méchants, which GT says is "bad", but my long-ago O-Level remembers as "naughty".

I'm not getting anywhere with that word at the end, although my son who's doing French A Level wondered if it was in fact two words (but he still doesn't know what it says or means). The writing looks kind of old-fashioned to me, by which I mean it looks almost exactly like the cursive letter formations I was taught in the early 1960s, although my own handwriting has developed since then.
Sorry for the late reply!

Yeah, I think "fantomes" (I don't have the special "o" character) is correct. Not sure about the last word(s), though I have a feeling the "apprivoiser" seems to be the consensus below.

I don't have the special "o" character

Haha, nor do I! It's actually one of the things google-translate is brilliant for - you set "translate from" to French, type in "fantome", and it comes up with "Did you mean 'fantôme'?"

I have keyboard shortcuts in Word for a couple of accented letters, but it's often quicker to let google-translate suggest it, then just copy and paste.
Oh, right, of course! I've done that for Japanese. I was too tired to think to do it last night, haha. Thanks!
My house is full of ghosts, they are not wicked, it's enough to ... them. I cannot make out the last verb
Sorry for the late reply.

Seems about right. Consensus below is "apprivoiser" for the last verb.

"My house is full of apparitions. They are not evil, it's enough just to *** them."

I cannot understand the last two words "appai valors" - doesn't look French to me...
it is as if somebody garbled 'apercevoir' beynd recognition - it is enough to notice them would have made sense. but ai instead of e? unless it's a joke.
may be....
Apprivoiser, I think.

My house is full of ghosts. They aren't mean, it's just necessary to tame them.
+1, l looks like "apprivoiser".
Yes, I thought apprivoiser too :)


3 years ago

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3 years ago

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks!!

Also I like your icon.

"My house is full of ghosts.
They're not mean; you just have to tame them."

The verb "apprivoiser" was used by St Exupéry about the fox in the classic "Little Prince", and a French reader such as myself is necessarily reminded of it, especially with the childish/retro handwriting in your picture, giving it a dreamy, endearing feeling :)
Sorry for the late reply. Oh nice about the reference! And thanks!!

Ma maison est pleine de fantômes. Ils ne sont pas méchants; il suffit juste de les apprivoiser.
Sorry for the late reply. Thanks!!
Sorry for the late reply!

It's almost impossible to tell in the pic, but the "l" is actually an "i" if that helps.

Edmunton, Alberta

It's spelled Edmonton. :) The dominant language there is English, but there is a French community there as well.
And an entire French-language campus of the University of Alberta, if I understand correctly. I live in Montréal myself, and was surprised at how much French I heard, how many times I saw monolingual French billboards and things.
Yes there is the Faculté St-Jean though it doesn't offer all the courses that the main uni does. It at least was only for BA, BSc or BEd (I cannot say for sure about now). And like I said before, I was surprised you came across French that much, cos when I lived there, it was only in that one area where the Faculté is that you heard or saw French, and I remember when there was the referendum for Quebec separatism most people in Edmonton were very anti Quebec. But that was a long time ago.
But that was a long time ago.

Indeed. But it wouldn't surprise me if Franco-Albertans didn't have a whole lot of sympathy for Québec nationalists. Franco-Ontarians often out and out dislike them.
Eeep! My bad, hit the wrong key in typing. Thanks!

Deleted comment

Funny you mention that! I told my boyfriend about the package and all the contents earlier this evening, and the translation that everyone here has come up with, and he'd suggested I try typing the whole thing into Google Search and seeing if I come up with a hit. He's thinking it might be some kind of literary quote.