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russian song translation

I was provided with this English translation of a Russian song from a friend of mine. Looking at other translations I've seen online, it... doesn't seem quite right. Can anyone confirm whether or not it's correct?

Ой, да не вечер, да не вечер.
Мне малым-мало спалось.
Мне малым-мало спалось,
Ой, да во сне привиделось.

Мне во сне привиделось
Будто конь мой вороной
Разыгрался, расплясался,
Разрезвился подо мной.

Oh, what a night, what a night
I had hardly any sleep
I had hardly any sleep 
And oh, I dreamed of what's to come
I've had hardly any sleep, any sleep
And oh, I dreamed of what's to come.
In my dream I saw

As though my raven colored horse
Has been playing, has been dancing
Has been brooding under me.
Has been playing, has been dancing
Has been brooding under me.
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Ой, да не вечер, да не вечер.
Мне малым-мало спалось.

I take it as "It's not yet night, but I slept for a while."
Thanks! I've also seen it as "Ой, то не вечер"; does that change the meaning any?
Not really.
Thank you! :)
Not a bit.
Thank you! :)
The word brooding seems wrong to me; playing and dancing are fine
Ok, thanks. I texted her back and asked about that; she said she meant something to the effect of 'shifting agitatedly' under the rider. Is that closer?

Another translation I saw had "ceased playing, ceased prancing, oh he wailed over me" for that line. Is there that sense of ceasing action in there, or is that another mistranslation, do you know?
No, there is nothing about the horse ceasing action. On the contrary, the horse begins to jump and dance and does it quite actively.
Gotta love the many and varied ways people can mistranslate things. Thank you!
maybe the translator was not Russian? the thing about prefixes is rather tricky in our language.
Not sure! It's from this video.
her channer looks like she is Polish, so she might or might not speak Russian, but it's unlikely to be her mother tongue. anyway, sometimes even Russians somehow happen to translate things in most unbelievable ways.
There is no meaning of ceasing action whatsoever, so this translation is definitely wrong (the translator probably had some vague idea that the prefix раз- means ceasing, which may be correct in other cases but definitely not in this one).
I am not aware that brooding means shifting agitately but if it does then it must be fitting.
Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks!

Brooding doesn't mean shifting agitatedly but I can kind of see how she got there. When you brood (worry/ponder) on something you can become agitated and thus shift around, or something like that.
Во сне привиделось does not imply that the dream was prophetic or about future. It simply means that she saw all this in a dream. Привиделось indicates that the things she saw were not real, they were dreams or illusions.
Thank you! I think there is a line later in the song (although not a section of the song she's asking me to look at) that makes it explicit that it's a prophetic dream, but it's good to know it's not spelled out in that section.
Well, I don't really think that giving an interpretation makes a dream prophetic, it just the meaning one gives it. What we call a prophetic dream is quite a literal picture of somethin happening in a certain way, that happens later in similar way in life. Although some might say that her dream really was prophetic, even if there is not direct connection between the image in the dream and the things to which characters attribute it.
I'm not sure I've ever heard of the term 'prophetic dream' being restricted solely to seeing a literal picture of an event, as if in a movie. (Is that what you meant?) The 'esaul' in the song interprets the dream correctly-- he says the guy is going to lose his head, and later, the person does in fact lose his head-- so I'd think most people would count it as having been a prophetic dream.
okay, maybe this only my personal opinion on what a prohpetic dream is :)
Fair enough. :)
A 146%-correct translation.

"Razin' Bad"

Oh, that's not evening, that's not evening,
Oh, I have drunk a lot of rum,
I have slept under a plum
And in that sleep what dreams may come?

In that sleep I've seen the following
'Twas as if my faithful horse
Started dancing shimmy underneath
Trampling with unequated force.

Oh, from the East came unholy winds -
From the Land of Rising Sun.
They took my favourite ushanka
And vandalised it just for fun.

My Cossack captain had a high IQ
And a degree in occultism.
He told me shyly: "Listen, Stephen, bro,
You'll lose your crazy Russian head!"
BEAUTIFUL. *applause*
Thank you for appreciation.)