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I'm giving a 20 minute presentation on Esperanto in my linguistics class on Tuesday, and while I'm capable of doing the research myself I wanted to make it a little more interesting than just facts and figures. As I basically know nothing about the language I was wondering if anyone here had any interesting little factoids that I could include? Does anyone know of any good songs that I could YouTube for the class? Funny jokes?
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You might want to mention the verb krokodili, which has no equivalent in other languages. It's derived from the noun krokodilo "crocodile" and means to speak any other language besides Esperanto in a situation where Esperanto is expected, e.g. at a meeting of Esperantists.
That is really cool. I love the wooden crocodile version of the etymology, that's pretty cute.
Yeah, first I recall seeing that. It makes at least as much sense as any other explanation I've heard over the years.
Are your classmates a) in their thirties or b) fans of Dave? If so, Arnold Rimmer tried to learn Esperanto!
I didn't realise they'd ever foregrounded that in the show. I remember being tickled the first time I noticed everything on the ship was bilingual and it pleased me that no one drew attention to this.
Hmm, I might know that from the book. I also know that Rimmer's BSc is Bronze Swimming Certificate, which seems like the sort of joke that would work better in text than in a TV programme.

I actually hadn't ever noticed that the signage was bilingual - that is cool!
Captain Kirk William Shatner starred in a movie entirely in Esperanto in the 60s. It was called Incubus
I don't have factoids, but I am interested as my husband speaks it. He first took a course in it at San Francisco State in 1983 and he currently attends a conversational group at Stanford once a week. Our seven year old is currently participating in the free introductory Esperanto correspondence course.
So how did it go?