blackxlupin (blackxlupin ) wrote in linguaphiles ,

Russian audiobooks (e.g. Harry Potter)

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for the Russian audiobook of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." The problem is, I don't have a creditcard or paypal, so I'd need to find someplace that will accept payment by bank transfer.

I'm based in Brussels, Belgium, in case that's relevant.

Happy New Year!

ETA: Other Russian audiobooks would be great, too.
Tags: russian
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January 1 2014, 01:43:05 UTC 6 months ago

Try webmoney, lots of Russian sites accept it. you can fill up your webmoney account from your bank account. However, if you have problems with opening a paypal account (I am not sure what kind of problems but anyway) you may have the same sort of problems with webmoney.


January 1 2014, 12:46:55 UTC 6 months ago

Thanks! I was under the impression paypal required a credit card, or that they charged some kind of extra fee?


January 1 2014, 15:33:34 UTC 6 months ago

With Paypal you can use a debit card and link your bank account directly. I'm not sure if you have the option to only link your bank account without also linking a card, though, because I've always set up the card first.


January 1 2014, 21:28:27 UTC 6 months ago

Interesting, I'll check it out.


January 13 2014, 20:49:35 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  January 13 2014, 20:50:26 UTC

In Germany you can for sure link PayPal to your account without having a card, I don't have a credit card here and I did so I'm sure it's the same in Belgium. :)


January 1 2014, 22:58:50 UTC 6 months ago

They do but any other online payment system will do as well (they are not charities, after all). You can connect your bank account with paypal to add or withdraw money. At least you can in North America, not sure about other places but it should work in the same way.


January 1 2014, 02:14:08 UTC 6 months ago



January 1 2014, 12:48:38 UTC 6 months ago

I literally jumped up and down with joy when I saw your message. Thank you so much! This should do wonders for my Russian listening comprehension.


January 1 2014, 15:45:10 UTC 6 months ago

You are welcome.


January 1 2014, 08:21:53 UTC 6 months ago

You could use one of Russian torrent trackers with audiobooks:

Or, since you are in Brussels, you could meet me after the 10th of January when I come back to Belgium, where I live in Zaventem, and I would give you my collection of audiobooks (no Potter there, I prefer the original English version).


January 1 2014, 21:31:09 UTC 6 months ago

Thanks for the link, and for your generous offer! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at if you want to meet up.


January 1 2014, 10:33:10 UTC 6 months ago

Follow the link and select the "Скачать", then the file will start downloading


January 1 2014, 12:49:25 UTC 6 months ago

Thanks! I'm always a bit worried about viruses when downloading, though. Is there any way to tell in advance if a download is safe? (I know less than nothing about tech stuff.)


January 1 2014, 13:10:48 UTC 6 months ago

yes, it is safe coz you'll download from my virtual disk (yandex). This disk is located on a reliable platform that scans files for viruses. this file is free from viruses


January 1 2014, 21:31:38 UTC 6 months ago

Wonderful, thank you!


January 1 2014, 15:37:14 UTC 6 months ago

If you have an antivirus program installed on your computer, many of them have an option now where you can right click on a downloaded file (on a PC, anyway- I've no idea how to use a Mac) and select something to the effect of "Scan this file with [Anti-Virus Software Name Here]." You do have to download the file first, but typically you have to open the stuff in the file in order to activate a virus, so as long as you scan it before opening and it comes up clean you should be okay.


January 1 2014, 21:32:39 UTC 6 months ago

Thank you, but I'm afraid my antivirus has long since expired. (I kept getting viruses even with an active antivirus program, so I stopped renewing my license.)


January 3 2014, 16:27:36 UTC 6 months ago

Audio books in various languages, including Russian: To my mind, this site is kinda incomplete and messy, but hey, they've got The Princess and the Pea in Russian so (

& If you're interested, Russian films for free:
and Russian radio channels online:
and my favourite, the ever so funny Ilya Orlov and his show (his music's good, too)


January 3 2014, 21:25:36 UTC 6 months ago

Thank you so much!

Nataly Merezhuk

January 6 2014, 05:41:05 UTC 6 months ago

Have you gotten yourself a Vkontakte account yet? If you haven't , you definitely should! It's a gold mine of stuff for learning Russian - songs, books, news, a huge amount of Russians to talk to. And you can find all the audio books you need in this group - . Downloading is safe and really easy if you're using Chrome, pm me if you need more help =)