Andrew (aindreas ) wrote in linguaphiles ,

language exchange site

Can anyone recommend a language-exchange site based on personal experience? I'm at my wit's end trying to find a tutor/language buddy for Hebrew and/or eastern Arabic, but the city I live in isn't exactly the picture of diversity. Something Skype-based would be great, with as much personal interaction as possible. If there are sites geared toward serious language learners, this would also be a plus. Any ideas?
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December 26 2013, 09:14:27 UTC 6 months ago

I have no experience with Hebrew or Arabic, but if you haven't heard of it, I've found italki to be a pretty good resource for finding Skype-based language partners or tutors.


December 26 2013, 12:07:37 UTC 6 months ago

Interpals is quite good.


December 26 2013, 16:38:37 UTC 6 months ago



January 4 2014, 17:49:12 UTC 6 months ago

second this. I don't know about the languages you specify, but I've been using Livemocha for Italian and there are interactive exercises you can do with native language speakers.


December 26 2013, 19:03:05 UTC 6 months ago



January 4 2014, 16:53:19 UTC 6 months ago

I recently posted on Conversation Exchange, and got 6 hits back within 24 hours from around the world for email / skype language partnering. It's free, too.