lamperouge_0 (lamperouge_0) wrote in linguaphiles,

Japanese translation request

I was reading this Japanese comic which I understand for the most part, but there are a few sentences that I don't understand.
The character is a little drunk so I don't know if the words are slurred. Would someone be willing to help me?

1. What does 「ポヤポヤ」mean? The sentence is 「年々ポヤポヤが増してる気がするぞ」
2. I have no idea what this sentence means.「んなことこ俺だってイヤってほどしってら」
Tags: japanese, translation request
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December 7 2013, 16:34:48 UTC 4 months ago

Could (2) be a drunk person's attempt to say 「こんなこと俺だって・・・」?


December 7 2013, 19:46:15 UTC 4 months ago

Yeah, that would make sense. Thank you for your help!


December 7 2013, 19:11:45 UTC 4 months ago

1. Do you have more context for this? ぽやぽや can be to be hot and steaming, or warm emotionally (like from ほやほや) or it can mean to be sorta sleepy and relaxed lazy fuzzy headed not really doing anything.

2. I think you maybe have a typo (one too many こ), is it 「んなこと俺だってイヤってほどしってら」? If so then it's gravelly slurred slang for 「そんなこと(は)俺だって嫌というほど知っている」which is "even I know enough of (about) that to be sick of it" (like, "you don't have to tell me, I know very well enough thank you").


December 7 2013, 19:44:25 UTC 4 months ago

Thank you so much for your help!

1. Since the person is complaining about another person I think the definition of it being lazy would probably make the most sense.
2. It could be the author's typo because I wrote it exactly how it was in the comic, but your translation does make sense.