avium concentus in agris (leopold_paula_b) wrote in linguaphiles,
avium concentus in agris

Reading in Bed

Liber eram et vacuo meditabar vivere lecto.
I was free and planned to live my life in an empty bed.

That's the first line of Propertius 2.2. Apart from the (at least at first appearance) attractive and simply funny thought of living one's whole life in bed, empty or otherwise, I think Propertius hints at a bookish life (liber), spent reading (lecto). I'm not an expert on Propertius and I haven't got a decent commentary at hand, so: 1.) Is it likely that he would have played with words like that? 2.) And as "I was free and bookish and planned to live my life reading in an empty bed" won't do: can the (imagined) pun be translated? (French seems to suggest itself: "libre" / "livre", "lit" / "lire".)
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