too dope to cope (terrorgore) wrote in linguaphiles,
too dope to cope

Short translations needed for Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Farsi, Kurdish, Amazigh

I'm working on a zine about vegan cuisine from the Mid East/Maghreb & want to include a short section of phrases useful for folks traveling in the regions. If anyone would be able to help out with translations into the following languages (both in the relevant script & an approximate representation in Latin script would be fantastic), I'd be so, so grateful: (Modern Standard) Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Farsi, Amazigh, Kurdish (either Kurmanji or Sorani)

I'm vegan / vegetarian
I don't eat anything that comes from animals
Animals are my friends, and I don't want to eat my friends
If it's not a huge trouble, could I please have something without animal products?
I'm a big fan of vegetables
Thanks, that was really delicious!

I don't eat... cheese

Many thanks in advance!
Tags: arabic, farsi, hebrew, howdoyousay, kurdish, translation request, turkish
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