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matador's cape or seeing stars?

I'm wondering if somebody can help me with this.

I've got a few questions on the following sentence. For one, is красная пелена what you call the matador's red cape? Or is it just a way of saying what in English would be, "to see stars," i.e., to be very disoriented after getting, say, knocked in the head with an anvil?
Also - с макушки - can somebody clarify this???

некоторое время серафим бил Василия головой об скамейку, пока Лунгу не увидел красную пелену, что поползла на его глаза с макушки, и не вывернулся, саданув противника в бок.

For a little while, Serafim beat Vasily’s head off the bench, until Lungu saw the (matador’s) red cape, which spread over him from the crown of his head, and, without turning around/crawling out from underneath him, struck his opponent in the side.

I know this translation must be very wrong. Any corrections would be much appreciated.
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