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ROMANIAN help for AmE speaker: some vocabulary translations, plus a breakdown of "negru ca abanosul

So, I'm going to be teaching myself Romanian in the future, because a.) it's a beautiful and intriguing language with a rich and interesting history and b.) I have a story set in Romania using (naturally) some Romanian characters and it's nowhere near close enough to the Spanish I've studied previously for me to "get by" in some of my resources without knowing more of it (heck, even if it were Spanish characters in Spain or South Americans in South America, my Spanish is rusty enough I'd have to brush up again, so you can imagine how useless it is when it comes to deciphering something so different as Romanian). 

All this is well and good for The Future, but I (to my surprise and joy) actually have somebody in my genre within the publishing industry (someone who works with an editor at a company that would work well for it, specifically) who is interested in this story right now and wants to know more.  Unfortunately, this means that some of the character names need to be worked out, um, now-ish, so I can get the material together for a proper proposal as soon as possible. I have focused more on character development than character surnames and such up to this point, but I want the surnames to at least work well (as proper bilingual puns if nothing else) so any help is appreciated.  

Names behind cut so that I don"t clog up the main page too muchCollapse )

Any help with these is much appreciated. :)

And while we're at it - I think it's obvious I'm a beginner in the language, yeah? I keep seeing potential resources for learning the language, but every time I think I've found a good one, I learn from somewhere else that "oh no, that's no good, they use the old spelling system", or things like that. I'm too new to tell what are good resources or bad ones; so if you have any advice on where I should be looking (preferably free online resources, but even books or tape sets would be okay!), for a fairly reliable resource in the language, please let me know. :) 

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