boy (floodsofmemory) wrote in linguaphiles,

Help Translating Old Russian or Ukrainian Postcards

I'm scanning my grandpa's collection of photographs and found these old photos which were printed as postcards, with notes on the back. I'm guessing these are from my grandpa's family, which was in Mariupol, then the Russian Empire, now Ukraine, but they could also be from elsewhere. Photos & notes included below. Any translations or context much appreciated,


Thanks, rempel, nura10, novy_chitatel and baby_rhino for the help! Is there anything to date the photos? I didn't know I had family in Klintsy or Kharkov and don't recognize the names, so I'm trying to figure out who exactly the individuals are. Also, does anyone know what the population of the areas would have been at the times these photos were taken?

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