hostwiththemoss (hostwiththemoss) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hello everyone!

In a presentation about the EU I would like a few slides translated into many different European languages (as many as possible)

The slides are:
1. "Hello everyone! Today I have a presentation for you about Identity and Citizenship in the European Union."
2. "Who in the EU is the most European?"
3. "In the Netherlands, 68% of people identify with the label 'European'. That’s more than in any of the other EU countries."
4. "So if they are the most European, why isn’t Dutch Europe’s main language?"

I would be very grateful for any help. Thank you in advance.

ETA: It's only a class presentation (to people I would duzen/tutoyer/address informally), so it doesn't need to sound too academic/formal/anything. Thank you for the great translations so far, you're all very kind.
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