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Mysterious name

EDIT: I solved it, he was a Sydney/Sidney, and he died the year after the census

I'm making a family tree as a gift for a relative, and I've come across a relative born in 1875 in London called Senneth Peters.

Googling it gives me nothing but modern fantasy books, and I double checked the scan of the hand-written original form and it's clearly Senneth. The name Senneth only appears on the database on that one instance, on a census form, and not on birth certificates, and won't come up as Sennett, Sennet, Seneth etc so it's probably wrong in the census, especially as I've already had things like Bartholemew turned into Bartliomal. I've tried searching for other births in the family in the same year, but with a common surname like Peters, it takes forever.

There are plenty of thundering Victorian Bible names like Elijah and Keziah at that point in the family too. Any idea what the name could actually be, or is it really Senneth?

ETA: I also tried Kenneth and got nothing
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