glamrocktiger (glamrocktiger) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hawaiian translation needed!

Hi linguaphiles, I think this is the community that allows people to ask for translations of words and phrases from one language to another - if not, I apologize.

I need to know how to say "tiger burning bright" in Hawaiian, since I live on Maui now, and I think that could be my Hawaiian name or sobriquet.

I know "kika" is tiger but I don't know how to forum a gerund for "burning," it looks like Hawaiian is an agglutinizing language where one word like "Hohani" the name of the street we live on can stand for something that would be an entire sentence in English, in fact my cousin told me Hohani means something like "to till the earth with a stick." I love agglutinizing languages - I think Eskimo languages are like that, too.


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