dudududu (fachidiot) wrote in linguaphiles,

Latin Button

I was wondering if anyone here could help me with the translation/meaning of a button I found among my Grandmother's old belongings. It says "Ludovicus Rex Plures non capit orbis" (i'm assuming you start with "ludovicus," but it's hard to tell since the words go around in a circle so there's not really a beginning or an end).

Searching online, the best translation I can find is "There is no room in the world for more than one King Ludwig." I can only assume the button is American since my Grandmother had American-born parents and rarely left the country.

Is this the true meaning? If so, why would you put that on a button, and which King Ludwig/what situation is it referring to?!

edit for detail - the picture in the middle seems to depict two angels holding an object (absolutely cannot tell what) with a crown on top of it.

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