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Slovenian music Part Dva

Right. So in my search for music (particularly music videos, as I'm rather fond of them), I came across this song. "Sellam Alejkum", by Zaklonišče Prepeva. The song's in Croation (I think) and German.

Now, using Slovenian grammar and some dictionaries I've been able to get a sense of the song's lyrics. But it's confusing the hell out of me. The video uses Nazi, Communist, Christian, and Muslim imagery. The band describes itself as a "Yugo-nostalgia" group, and I think the gist of the song is anger at Slovenia for abandoning the Balkans.

Can anyone tell me what's going on? The song itself is very catchy, but I don't want to accidently be singing some pro-Ustaše or Tito-ist song.


Zaklonišče Prepeva - Sellam alejkum (ALE, ALE, ALE SLOVENIJA)

U domovini mojoj vlada mir i red,
bežimo u Evropu, gde curi mleko i med.
Varvara sad čuvaju nas NATO armije;
od Al Kaide, Osame, Sadama i Džamije.

Refren: Ale, ale, ale…Slovenija.
Aufwiedersehen, Balkan,
Sellam alejkum.
Ale, ale, ale…Slovenija.
Ein land, ein volk, eine reine religion!

Domobrani novi čiste kućni prag,
niko od bivše braće nam više nije drag.
Smradove sad teramo iz naše avlije,
dosta je bratije i bivše Jugoslavije.

Refren Ale, ale, ale…Slovenija,
Aufwiedersehen, Balkan, Sellam alejkum.
Ale, ale, ale…Slovenija.
Es ist zeit, es ist zeit, werfen wir auslander raus!


EDIT: This might help.
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